Click on the following links to view articles I’ve written for magazines, newspapers and blogs. I’ve also written press releases and email newsletters for companies and nonprofits. For a more complete portfolio, please contact me here.

Click the link below to view a PDF of several of my published pieces:

Michaela Garretson Writing Samples PDF


Sun Sentinel (South Florida News)

Midori Bikinis

Lifestyle Media Group:

The Media Line:

Zennor Bikini:

The Media Line:

University Press:  Florida Atlantic University’s Finest News Source

Disfunkshion Magazine Print Vol 24 (June 2016) Articles:

Disfunkshion Magazine Past Web Articles:

  • Coleccion Luna: Fair Trade Guatemalan Designs (April 2016)
  • Fighting Human Trafficking – One Climb at a Time (December 2015)
  • One Woman Led By Love Moves Mountains (July 2015)
  • Life Purpose: Passionately Explored (March 2015)
  • An Amazing Race: Daysi Wilkinson (May 2015)
  • Real Life Wonder Woman (February 2015)

indieSWIM Blog:

  • IndieSWIM Loves Goldfish Kiss (March 2015)
  • Healthy Hydration with Infused Water (June 2015)
  • IndieTRIBE Struts Their Feathers for Charity (January 2015)
  • Smoothie Fruit Bowl Obsession (Febraury 2015)
  • Thanksgiving: Not the Only Time to be Thankful (December 2014)
  • Bikini Body Peace: Learning to Love Your Body (November 2014)

Blog Exclusives:


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